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Community Garden

Just One Step


OxCAN is launching its Just One Step 2023 campaign at the inaugural OxCAN Conference in May!


We are inviting our alumni and guests to come and listen to our inspirational speakers, and then to pledgejust one step’ they will make to support personal or community climate change action.


Feel free to pledge more than one step if you want to.


We will be sharing all of the information from the conference on our website after the event for those of you unable to join in person.


In the autumn, we will be checking in with Alumni and guests to see how their pledges are working and what impact they are having.


Pledges will be shared on the website anonymously.


What will you pledge?

I will stop buying bottled water (except for special occasions).
 Try to make my garden as eco-friendly as possible and take more conscious decisions on biodiversity while gardening (looking our for pollinating plants/leave more areas wild etc.)
I will switch to products with no plastics/plastic packaging -  veg and fruit sold loose, detergents and soaps without plastics.
I will not buy Bitcoin.
I will eat less animal products.
I will create a wild area of the garden and add a pond.
I will work with organizations to restore tropical forests by planting native tree species to begin ecosystem restoration.
Be more strict on recycling (study the recycling instructions which are surprisingly complex & separate packaging before putting in in different bins) and take conscious decisions when shopping with regard to packaging (e.g. buy products with packaging that can be more easily recycled) & try to limit packaging in total (e.g. buy milk from vending machine in reusable bottles/bring own packaging).
Make more climate stories accessible to general public.
I will not use my car when I can either walk or cycle instead.
I will be more diligent about composting.
1. Eat no meat (as of 2017)
2. Use the bike to minimise urban car use
I will publish a book on climate change.
I will continue offering pro bono work in coastal communities affected by hurricanes in the Caribbean and supporting organizations accessing climate finance for climate adaptation in the Region.
I will try to shop for products with minimal plastic packaging.
I will learn how to share more with my community, buy less for myself and hopefully live using fewer resources.
I am endeavouring to cut beef from my diet.
I pledge to support local produce.
I will read the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. I pledge to discuss it with others interested in knowing about the 2030 Agenda. 
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