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  Available Positions 


The Director will oversee and ensure strategic alignment of all OxCAN activities, ensure other OxCAN roles are filled, coordinate with the Oxford Alumni Office,  host annual summits and convene OxCAN committee meetings.

Assistant Director and Treasurer

The Assistant Director and Treasurer will work with and assist the director in their tasks, be prepared to step in when director unavailable, manage OxCAN's bank account and finances.

Membership Onboarding and Outreach Director 

The Membership and Outreach Director's responsibilities are to act as the primary point of contact for prospective and current OxCAN members, build and maintain relationships with members, and field enquiries by referring members to the relevant directors  


The Membership and Outreach Director will build a membership team - of alumni and current students - to assist them in overseeing:​

  • Initiatives to increase and extend OxCAN membership - including the process of onboarding new members, and creating member profiles on the website

  • Monitoring of the OxCAN inbox and co-ordinate relevant responses 

  • Reaching out to connect OxCAN with other alumni organisations, and work with the University’s Alumni Office

Communications Director 

The Communications Director designs and oversees the OxCAN communication strategy and communication steam to produce and circulate content that is valuable to our members. This involves overseeing the drafting of a regular monthly newsletter informing OxCAN members to news, events and latest climate research.


The Communications Director leads the communications team, which is a mix of alumni and current students, and features the following: 

  • Communications sub-team: newsletter, events email and moderating OxCAN Exchange and similar platforms 

  • Website and social media sub-team: updating the website, feeding content and events through social media channels and working to create a sense of a network 

  • Content sub-team: writing content, sharing research and working on additional projects 


Alumni-Led Events Director 

The Alumni-Led Events Director's responsibility is to help facilitate events which members propose to host on themes interesting to the membership. This person helps to shepherd the development of local and self-led chapters as and when they come to OxCAN as part of our strategic plan.

Strategic Events Director

The responsibility of the Strategic Events Director is to lead events that align with the strategic direction of OxCAN and to host events decided upon by the executive committee to advance membership and the core goals of the committee.

Oxford Climate Action Project Director

The responsibility of the Oxford Climate Action Project Director is to lead one of the OxCAN strategic action projects to maintain a strong spirit of climate ambition and action in Oxford, through its research, college campuses, teaching and career opportunities. 

Global Climate Action Project Director 

The Global Climate Action Project Director will plan and develop a campaign plan to engage alumni on Oxford's Race to Net Zero actions ( and drive climate ambition across society.



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