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OxCAN Race to Zero Campaign

Objectives of this campaign

At OxCAN, we aim to equip our alumni and those outside our network with the tools, strategies and network to drive ambitious climate action, towards a net-zero world, within their organisations and communities. As our top priority for 2021, this campaign is aiming to support organisations and communities to develop ambitious decarbonisation strategies and plans in line with the UNFCCC Race to Zero criteria, and to help them qualify as "actors" in the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign.

What is net zero?

This page from the Oxford Net Zero group offers a good summary of what we mean by net zero, and some of the other terms such as "carbon neutral" or "1.5°C aligned" which come up in this work.

What is the UN Race To Zero?


The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Secretariat responsible for coordinating the global response to Climate Change) started the Race to Zero Campaign in 2019, to build support for climate action beyond the state-level commitments made at the COP (Conference of Parties) meetings. 

Organisations and communities (actors) are invited to work with a Race To Zero Partner. The partners make sure plans meet Race To Zero "starting line" standards for thoroughness and transparency (pledge, plan, proceed, publish), which Oxford has been involved in setting up and continues to refine.

Getting involved with OxCAN

We can work together to:

  • Learn about net zero planning, with expert briefings to understand the challenges and approaches for different industries.

  • Meet the criteria, by connecting "net zero champions" looking to decarbonise their organisations, with experts who can help with their planning.
  • Spread the word about the Race To Zero, recruiting champions into the campaign. We are aiming to maximise impact, so champions don't need to be Oxford alumni. Anyone who commits to a net zero objective for this campaign will be offered an honorary OxCAN membership.

Everyone in OxCAN can help. All are welcome to join the Race to Zero talks and networking sessions, and for those who want to drive action, here's how you can get involved. 


Whatever stage your organisation is at on the journey to net zero (and whether you're Oxford alumni or not), sign up as a champion, share your objectives and we'll support you in developing or executing your plans including connecting to the relevant experts.


If you have experience in any area related to net zero planning, let the team know and we'll put people in touch who you can help. We can also support you in sharing your knowledge across the OxCAN network. 


Partner Network

If you run a network or members' organisation and want to partner with us, let us know and let's work together so your members can also progress on the Race to Zero.



Know anyone involved in running a business, community group or local organisation (whether Oxford alumni or not?) Recruit them to join as a Champion, and we will support them.


Let's get started

However you'd like to get involved or if you'd like to find out more, just introduce yourself on the campaign's Slack channel, or get in touch at the usual email address.

Coming up

We're currently busy spreading the word to recruit the champions, experts and partners who will make this campaign a success. If you join the campaign, stay tuned for a "meet the team" event in July, a chance to meet your fellow campaign members, share your personal net zero planning objectives, and get cracking!

As this campaign introduces us to experts across many industries, we also look forward to sharing their knowledge with the broader network, so keep an eye on our events page.

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