We are committed to ensuring that our community makes a difference, so as well as learning the latest climate information and connecting with others who can help you, these projects and working groups are an opportunity to drive progress in particular areas. On our Slack Workspace, use the channel browser to find the channels for each project or working group to see what's going on and get involved.

Keep an eye on the #action-ideas channel for new ideas, or feel free suggest your own.


With an assigned project manager, defined outcome and timeline, we use projects as a focused way to complete a specific goal.


Race To Zero

Help organisations of all sizes write meaningful net zero plans and get on the journey


Decarbonise Oxford

Learn by helping Oxford Colleges to match the University's net zero commitments

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Sustainable Careers

Inspire others with sustainability stories your career

Working Groups

Our working groups are more free-form than projects, a chance for those with expertise or interest in a particular area to join together to learn and collaborate.

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Sustainable Food & Farming

Share the latest best practice and collaborate on challenges as we transform how we grow our food.