As the community starts to grow, we have started the following projects and campaigns. We do hope you will join in on our Slack Workspace.

Race to Zero Campaign - as our key campaign for 2021, we want to support OxCAN members and their organisations in developing and implementing net zero plans in line with the United Nations Race to Zero criteria. Whether you need to understand more about net zero, want to convince management to take on the challenge, or would value help in developing a robust plan, sign up as a net zero champion or net zero expert and join this project. Find out more here or join the #project-race-to-zero channel on Slack. 

Decarbonise Oxford - following from Oxford Climate Society's successful student campaign in 2020, OxCAN is getting involved, so alumni can support students and Colleges in transforming how they work to achieve net zero. We are getting started at #project-decarbonise-oxford on Slack.

Oxford Climate Research Showcase - as the UK builds towards COP26 in November in a year which could prove momentous for the world's collective action on climate change, the University are keen that Oxford's research and researchers are right at the heart of that international conversation. Join the #project-oxford-cop26 channel to hear the latest and help spread the word.

Keep an eye on the #action-ideas channel for new projects, or suggest your own. We are looking forward to sharing plans for projects and discussion channels on green innovation, sustainable finance, education and careers planning.