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  • Isabela Valencia

Call for volunteers & Latin American women working in environmental sustainability

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The following is a call from Viviana M. Jiménez for volunteers in helping expand the work of VIDA sustainability, an organisation that works with companies, organizations, governments, and entrepreneurs to design and implement strategies, data frameworks, and key tools for purpose-driven leadership, organisational agility, development and transfer of science and technological innovation, sustainability, community building, and innovative cross-sector partnerships

Through VIDA sustainability we have helped a number of organisations address climate change and broader sustainability challenges by identifying and implementing strategic drivers for improved organisational management and purpose-driven leadership. Clients include: Walmart / ASDA, European Commission, Government of Bulgaria, CFA Institute, among others.

We are looking to expand two areas of importance: 1) volunteers to help further the work of The New Normal Foundation ( of creating a regenerative planet through film and partnerships; and, 2) Latin American women working on sustainability / climate change to join the Red de Mujeres y Sostenibilidad (a regional network of women seeking to collaborate and co-create climate change and ecological knowledge from Latin America to the world).

If you are interested, please reach out to Viviana at

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