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  • Ben Tuppen

1 week to COP. Cut through the noise.

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

With a few days to go to COP26, with all my media feeds going wild, I have found Oxford's output really helpful to cut through and understand the challenge. I hope you find this summary useful to stay informed and share with your friends!

I love the True Planet team's 3-minute video series: Oxford climate research heroes giving clear, succinct answers to the most important questions, backed by the very latest research. Get up to speed in 20 minutes.

We'll update this post with the last two videos in this series videos as they go live in the coming days - stay tuned!

If you want to dig deeper, Oxford's Countdown to COP26 YouTube Channel also includes half-hour conversations with the research teams, looking at these topics in more detail.

If you have 90 minutes to spare, I also recommend the excellent lecture State of the Climate: Updates from the IPCC, hosted by Oxford Climate Society and Oxford Climate Research Network, interviewing three lead authors of the latest IPCC report, helping understand how the IPCC works and the biggest takeaways from the latest science.

Oxford Climate Society's YouTube channel has many more fascinating talks, with new additions each week, and Oxford Net Zero have a toolkit to help you and your organisation make progress to net zero.

Share the knowledge

I hope you have found this a useful summary; let's share it on our networks so as many people as possible can benefit from the great work going on at the University.


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