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The OxCAN Exchange

Welcome to the OxCAN Exchange! 

The OxCAN exchange is a mail list that provides a space for Oxford Climate Alumni Network members to connect with each other and OxCAN. 

Please use it post your climate notifications, events, ideas, research, questions and requests for and to the community. For example, you may use it to put out a call for speakers or notify alumni of a climate event you're organising, or let members know that applications are open for a climate program you're running. 


We look forward to hearing from you! 


Please invite your Oxford friends and colleagues to join the list! 

To sign up, please opt into the Exchange when you register as a member to OxCAN.

How to Post

To post, simply send an email to 'oxcan_exchange@maillist.ox.ac.uk'. Once you've sent the the email, your post will go to the moderator and should be posted to the list, usually within 1-2 working days.


By posting to the list, your email and name will be visible to list subscribers, and subscribers will be able to reply to your email directly. 

How to Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email from your subscribed email address to sympa@maillist.ox.ac.uk. In the subject line, write: unsubscribe oxcan_exchange. Leave the body of the email blank. 


You will receive an email from Sympa confirming whether you wish to be removed from the list. Reply to that email to complete the unsubscribe process. 

Etiquette Guidelines and Good Practice
The OxCAN Exchange Mail List is hosted by the University of Oxford and powered by Sympa. Please find the standard guidelines for participation outlined below. Further information regarding Oxford Mail Lists can be found here

When asking a question on a list, it is customary to post a summary of all answers obtained.

When you reply to a message sent on the list, it is up to you to decide whether you will reply on the list or in private. This might depend on the interest of your reply for the other subscribers.

Always use descriptive subjects for your messages. You can also "tag" your subjects ie. [question], [event].

Some kinds of messages are not welcome on the mailing list: advertisement, spamming, commercial messages, virus warnings, test messages, political (with the exception of climate-related content) or religious messages, hoaxes, flaming, privacy invasions, messages damaging, misleading or in any way defamatory, harassing, offensive, abusive, infringing, racist, obscene or profane, promoting discrimination, violence or hatred for any reason, contrary to good morals, or more generally illegal.

Unconstructive and mean-spirited messages (example: remarks about spelling mistakes) and other personal attacks towards other contributors are either not welcome on the list. If you really need to tell unpleasant or offensive things to someone, you had better do it in a private message. On most of the mailing lists, it is also frowned on to feed the trolls (topics or posts deliberately incorrect, intended to provoke readers).

Generally, a list uses only one language for the exchanges between contributors. The OxCAN Exchange is in English. Please respect this rule even though you are not a native speaker of the language used. Also try to respect the elementary rules of grammar and spelling, ban "SMS language" and proofread yourself before posting your message!

When sending a message, you may want to add one or several attachments. However, be careful to respect a few elementary rules:

Make sure that attachments are accepted on the list to which you send your message.

When attachments are allowed, remain reasonable: too many or too large attachments may disturb the other subscribers, for example by flooding their inboxes.

The use of email in general and for mailing lists is bound by a set of precise rules necessary to share pleasant exchanges: the "Netiquette". You will find the general principles of the Netiquette, as well as many links on the page of the Wikipedia dedicated to the Netiquette.

For any further details or questions, please email our team at alumni@oxfordclimatesociety.com


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