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Host an Event

How it works:  


You have an idea for an event which would contribute to OxCAN's ambition to connect alumni with one another to address or further action on the climate crisis.  

This event could be big:  


  • For example, a global online event on reaching net zero with expert speakers  


It could be smaller: 


  • let's say an online social or monthly pub meetup for all climate alumni working in Berlin


Or is could be something in between: 


  • Something like a meeting or working group to discuss a specific topic, such as climate finance, or a specific area, such as climate and the arts or climate and energy.  


Whatever the idea is, we will help you turn it into the next OxCAN event! ​


We will add the event to the OxCAN Calendar, promote it to the network, and provide any logistical support you may need, such as creating registration on our Eventbrite or setting up a zoom call.  


Simply fill in the form below, or email with "host an event" as the subject and the details of your proposed event. 


Have an idea but not quite sure? Get in touch with us to discuss your idea.

Host an Event
To get started, simply fill out this form with the details of your proposed event or email the details to us at 

Thanks for submitting!

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