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How you can hear from OxCAN and its members


For official OxCAN updates

  • Join our mailing list! We’ll send you a monthly newsletter on the last Friday of each month as well as a fortnightly calendar of upcoming OxCAN events

  • If you’re not already on our mailing list, please contact us at alumni@oxfordclimatesociety.com

  • We have a rolling calendar of events and network updates on our website: https://www.oxfordclimatealumni.com/

  • We’re building a new section to host opinion pieces that will facilitate comments and engagement - please look out for this in the new year!

For inter-member communications

OxCAN Exchange 

  • Based on your feedback, we've changed the purpose of OxCAN Exchange. The Exchange is now a virtual noticeboard to circulate brief notes on events that fellow alumni are hosting as well as for OxCAN committee members to distribute key events and research from within the University.

  • We recommend that those using it put in an email for people to reach out to if they’d like to get involved or if they have enquiries.

  • Please note that OxCAN Exchange is no longer a forum for discussion. We’d appreciate it if all users of the Exchange would familiarise themselves with our rules and terms of use listed on our site.

Slack Network 

  • In response to a great amount of interest in having a platform for debate of key ideas around climate-action, we’re trialing the use of Slack as a forum for these discussions. Slack allows members to selectively join different ‘channels’ and receive notifications from discussion groups they want to be a part of.  Please email us to receive a Slack invite.

Please contact us with events ideas or feedback on these channels at alumni@oxfordclimatesociety.com


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